Empowering Excellence

Our Journey Towards Excellence

Demix is committed to enhancing the operational efficiency and quality standards of its clients through rigorous CMMI appraisals and tailored improvement programs.

Founded with a vision to bridge the gap between the demand for quality appraisals and the abundance of competent lead appraisers in the Chinese market.

Demix has proudly serviced a diverse range of clients, including software development companies in China and medical device manufacturers on the FDA’s VIP program.

Core Values

Guiding Principles that Define Us

Quality First

At Demix, quality is not just a goal, but a commitment embedded in our DNA as we strive for excellence in every appraisal.

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize understanding our clients’ unique needs and challenges to deliver tailored solutions that drive sustainable improvement.

Expertise & Experience

With a team of highly skilled lead appraisers and specialized professionals, we bring unmatched expertise and depth of experience to every project.

Start Your Improvement Journey

Reach out to us today to transform your appraisal processes and drive continuous improvement in quality and compliance.

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