Driving Quality and Excellence in Appraisals

Empowering software firms in China and medical device manufacturers with top-notch CMMI appraisals.

Consulting Solutions for Excellence

Empowering businesses with tailored continuous improvement practices for software development and medical device manufacturing.


Comprehensive CMMI appraisals by expert lead appraisers ensuring world-class quality standards for your software development processes.


Partnering with medical device manufacturers on the FDA Voluntary Improvement Program


Customized training programs led by seasoned professionals to equip your team with the latest methodologies and best practices in appraisal processes.

Our Journey Towards Excellence

With a strong focus on continuous improvement, Demix is a leading consulting firm with expertise in CMMI appraisals within the software development and medical device manufacturing industries.

Unique Value Proposition

Unlock the power of quality-driven continuous improvement with Demix’s specialized consulting services.

Quality Focus

We stand out in the market by prioritizing quality in every aspect of our appraisal services, ensuring top-tier standards for your organization.

Expertise Matters

Backed by a team of highly qualified lead appraisers and appraisal specialists, we bring unmatched expertise to every appraisal engagement.

Start Your Improvement Journey

Reach out to us today to transform your appraisal processes and drive continuous improvement in quality and compliance.

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